Today Evangeline’s adoption was finalized! It’s been a long journey, and though we’ve been through many excitements, frustrations, mountains, and valleys, we are thankful for everything God orchestrated for our family. We are also very grateful for all the people who have helped, hosted, fed, prayed for, supported, and rejoiced with us.

Finalizaion 10


Welcome Evangeline!

We have a confession: we’ve been keeping a secret for a month.


Welcome Ella Jane’s baby sister, Evangeline Elizabeth-Ann Elliott!

She was born Elizabeth Ann [surname withheld] in Texarkana, TX on February 19 at 12:46pm, 7lbs & 3oz, 20.5″.
After a series of roller-coaster days, Evie finally joined our family!

EJ feeding Evie

We are overjoyed, yet we are simultaneously heartbroken for her birth mother, a very brave young lady who loves her so much that she chose life and adoption for her. God blessed us to be able to minister to her in a way far beyond what we expected. We are awestruck by His sovereignty and goodness.
Thank you for all the prayers! We’ve felt them and they are effective. Please continue to pray for mercy and peace for the birthmom’s heart. We love and respect her a lot.

After that first week, the paperwork process did not go smoothly (to put it simply), so it took a long time for us to be cleared ¬†to come home from Arkansas. But we’ve seen God’s plan and provision in keeping us here and with the folks He’s connected in our lives. We will detail more of that later, but for now the big news is that

EJs new view


Birthday News

EJ Cinderella

Yesterday, we celebrated our sweet daughter’s third birthday! We cannot believe she is three, or that she is so funny, smart, creative, beautiful, and delightful. But she is, and we’re blessed!


Dance party!

Serving ice cream

Serving ice cream



As you can see from these pictures, she is very into princesses these days; particularly Disney’s Cinderella. We just had a small family party with her grandparents and our friends/neighbors Jordan & Carrie — the latter of which made her cake! It was awesome, by the way. We’ll have a bigger party with Ella’s friends for her half birthday (we like pool parties, which are difficult to pull off in the winter).


Cinderella’s Carriage Cake – by Carrie

Ella finds her cake.

Ella finds her cake.

This kid is getting big. We mean that literally and generally. Kim noticed the other day that she is half her height. That’s kind of sad. She is also at the age to properly sing songs, quote shows, recognize characters, draw pictures, act out stories, make up games, make up songs, argue, compromise, get along with the cat, and talk about being a big sister.

Oh yeah – about that ūüôā

You might’ve noticed quite a lull in adoption updates on this blog, but the wait is over.¬†Before the party yesterday, our lawyer called to get things rolling on an adoption plan for our next kid! Woohoo!¬†The truth is that we’ve had some “behind the scenes” stuff going on, but now some of it can be declassified.

We recently snuck out on a secret weekend trip to meet a brave young lady who has chosen life for her child. A couple of days after the visit, (on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which I think is significant) she contacted us to let us know she would like for us to parent the baby. We told her we would be honored, and that is an understatement.

We got connected with her through a friend, so it will be an independent adoption. However, our agency has been very helpful by giving what advice, answers, and referrals they can and they will still do our post-placement.

Thank you so much for all your support, excitement, and prayers for us on our journey so far! It was a wonderful gift to be able to tell EJ yesterday that the plan to bring home her new sibling is official. We can’t wait until that birthday!

God Are You Speaking to Me?

We originally heard God tell us to start the adoption process in October of 2011. October 30th I think it was. We immediately got to work¬†researching and calling family to let them know it was happening. Within a week we had (from 1 phone call) $7500 toward our adoption. We didn’t know it at the time, but that would be half of our total fees to our agency. There would be other confirmations about the path of adoption for our family.

Lately in this period of waiting I’ve (Kim) been struggling with, “Ok God, we are fully funded — now what?” and “Is this really from you? We have been faithful; now what do I do while I wait?” ¬†A couple of months ago I got a check and a card out of the blue from a couple at church for $250 toward our adoption. Now that we have bought and moved into our new house, we have to complete a ¬†home study¬†update. The cost? $250!!!! That’s God speaking to us, telling us that He still has us and we are still on the right path.

Just this morning I was talking to a friend about how I could use another one of those confirmations because the wait was getting hard again.   This afternoon I had another one of those moments. My God is so good to me.

A little back story: We have decided that if we adopt a baby girl she will be named Evangeline. We decided this months and months ago. For a while now, that has been the name that comes to mind when I think about our adoption. I speculated that our child would be Evangeline, though I’m not 100% sure that I’ve ever¬†distinctively¬†heard that from God. EJ also tells us she wants a baby sister.

I have just started a ladies’ bible study with some women from my small group at church. I’ve been hopeful to hear from God through this study but never imagined I’d hear so clearly so quickly from Him. I was working on my first day of “homework” for the study this afternoon and about halfway down the third page the author mentions a co-worker named Evangeline. Be still my soul: I’ve never seen it written before! I said silently, “Is that you God? Are you telling me something? Is our child Evangeline?” No kidding, the very next sentence is about the author’s other co-worker. Any guesses what her name is? ….. Kimberly.

That’s me, that’s my name! I started crying and praying right then. Thank-you God for speaking to me in such a clear way. Now I struggle what to do with this. After talking with Bucky and praying about it, we have decided to claim it fully. We will have an Evageline.

Will you pray with us for Evangeline? We don’t know how she will come — or when or from where — but we believe God is going to bring Evangeline into our family. Pray for her by name, pray for all the pieces to come into place, pray for us in the¬†silence of waiting.

Life’s Full of Surprises

Guess what this is?

Hint: sometimes when God tells you to invest in your city,

He means it literally.

Disclaimer: if we’ve already told you, you’re not eligible to guess ūüėČ



Our friend Tisra Fadely wins (all the way from India)! She was the first to guess on Facebook: “Are you building a HOUSE?!”

That’s right – we’re building a house in Spring Hill. If you’re surprised by that news, join the club. If you know us well, you might have heard us describe ourselves as “serial renters”. We like renting because:

  1. We don’t have to pay to fix things.
  2. We’re not too fond of owning expensive things.
  3. We are¬†so¬†not middle class, “American Dream” type people. We like simplicity.
  4. We like not being tied down so we’re free to pick up and go if (when) we get called to Haiti or something.

Beyond that, we’ve been sharing our rental house with friends for the past two years to save money and live more communally. That has been wonderful for this season in our lives. But evidently, God decided to take us into a new season. Earlier this year, our newlywed housemates decided to shop for a home of their own. We considered our dwelling options: we could find new housemates again or we could find another, smaller place to rent. The challenge with the first option is that we doubted that many other couples would enjoy living with our growing family. We’ve also been a bit frustrated with the interaction among neighbors on our street and with our property management firm. The latter option was not appealing since we assumed we’d have to spend much more on rent and utilities if we stayed anywhere within a reasonable distance of our church and the town we feel called to engage. ¬†So we did our research to see what living on our own in Spring Hill would cost.

We found out that, with the current state of the housing market, an affordable mortgage payment for a decent house would be about the same as monthly rent for any place we could find (including apartments). About the time we were coming to terms with that reality, our housemates told us about a builder they had met with, so we decided to check them out. Lo and behold Рwe found that we could afford a brand new house within our budget. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, we decided to take a few days to pray, do more research, drive around the neighborhood, and seek advice. All we encountered were confirmations that this was the right choice.

Two particularly amazing things happened during that time.

One, we felt like the neighborhood was perfect for our family. There’s lots of open space, many families with children live there,¬†it’s flat (good for running), there’s a nice pool, and it’s close to the Interstate, the express bus stop, and our favorite businesses. When I went to take pictures of the lot we were considering, I MET OUR NEIGHBORS. The men from across the street and next door came out to chat with me, and we talked for quite awhile. ¬†I’ve been longing for a place where the neighbors are interested in community, so this was a huge sign for me.

Second, God spoke to me about our call. You might remember from a previous post that I find an adventurous life in a third-world country much more appealing than American suburbia. We both expect that one day we will end up living in Haiti, but for now that is apparently on hold. However, we ¬†know that we are positioned here for a couple of main reasons: we qualify to adopt and we are called to be missionaries in Spring Hill. While I was meditating on that tension for a bit, God clarified that¬†this¬†is the mission for now and I should stop treating it like a waiting room. I had told Him that I understood and that I was committed to our call to invest in our city, but now He challenged me to “put my money where my mouth is”. My response: “Wow. But…but buying a house is such a big commitment. I mean, isn’t that pretty much ‘putting down roots’? I thought You wanted us to live radically on mission.”

But that’s it exactly. Maybe the “picket fence” deal is radical for us because we’re so uncomfortable with it. Still, through all our challenging and ambiguous adventures, God insists on spoiling us. We’ve had a great time sharing a house with friends. Now we’re having one built¬†just for us, and that’s something we never would have chosen for ourselves – not at this point in our lives, anyway.

Well, needless to say, construction on the house has started. Most of the apprehension has been replaced with excitement. AND our neighbors friended us on Facebook, invited us for pool time and lemonade, and offered to send us pictures throughout the building progress (should be done in mid-to-late August).

Life’s full of surprises.


On Monday of this week we handed in our finished profiles and gave our signitures on our home study.

Now we just wait. We wait for the phone call that will tell us who our new baby is; the one that will change our family forever. Several people along the way of this adoption journey have told me that this is the hardest part. They were right. ¬†You’d think it would be easy ¬†and feel really great to turn everything in and be done with your part, and it did the first day. But now everything is out of our control there is nothing left for us to do but wait. Thanks for all the prayers and continued support everyone has shown us so far in this journey. Please continue to pray for us, but specifically pray for our baby and for our baby’s birth family.