We woke up about 7am this morning, got dressed, and got ready to take our preliminary application to Bethany. I brewed some coffee, grabbed a banana, then checked and re-checked to make sure we had everything. EJ was happy and ready to go as we piled into the car and headed out.

We made it to the office about 9am and met briefly with Charlie, who checked over our application and said she’d approve it today and email our login information for the online portal. Then we’d be able to complete our formal application electronically and submit it for approval by Friday in order to make the orientation class next week. We chatted a bit, gave EJ a lollipop, and headed back home.

After several errands, we got home and KJ headed back out with some friends to plan our joint village (small group) Fall party while I ate lunch and took care of some work and homework. About 1:20pm, Patty pulled up and we headed to Murfreesboro for another police training session at a conference. We talked about adoption the whole way, about a half-hour trip. We had another encouraging talk about missional living on the way home.

I got back at about 5pm and we all had breakfast for dinner. We played with EJ a bit and started working on our formal application. This one had fewer “essay questions” than the preliminary application and was more informational, but we had to make formal decisions like what special needs we feel we can properly care for and who to use as references. We spent a few hours contacting potential references for permission and addresses and aggregating information about our employment histories and past income. Let me say: I’m very thankful for the Internet. This must have been much harder to do a decade ago. We also disclosed how much money we currently have in our savings and checking accounts, and it looks like a joke considering what we’re about to get ourselves into. But we know God is good. Really good. Case in point: today we also found out that we are actually half-way there already: someone is giving us $7,000! This someone, whose identity will remain secret, saw this coming and has been saving it for us until this very time.

Sometimes (and really all the time depending on your perspective), God has already provided before you even know about it. Worry is stupid.




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