Paperwork: Turned In!

We turned in our packet of paperwork today! It felt really good to get everything on our end done and turned in. Now we wait for Bethany to get the results of a couple of things, then they will assign us a caseworker who will be completing our home study.

-K and B




Paperwork: DONE!

Can you believe it? We stayed up until midnight last night finishing our last bit chunk of paperwork for Bethany! This is by some miracle, as we might be the busiest people on Earth. We are waiting for results from some of our appointments to come back, but we will turn in our ginormous packet this week. On to the next step – praise be to YHWH!

PS: this chunk was our individual “Self-Study”, a ten-page questionnaire about our backgrounds, personalities, marriage, philosophy, concerns, and plans which we each had to complete. I just read through K’s. I guarantee that there is not a better wife and mother on this planet, and may have never been previously.