Update and Good News

First: so sorry it has been so long since we last updated the status of our adoption process. There has not been much to report on until today. This morning we received an e-mail from Bethany letting us know that they have received all of the reports they were waiting on for our file, that we have been assigned a caseworker,  and that we should expect to hear from her in the next few days!

Even better, this afternoon we received another e-mail, this one from our caseworker. She wanted to set up a date and time for our first home study visit. This is the visit where she will come to our house and make sure we have things like baby gates, fire extinguishers and the like, as well as start to get to know us.

Our home study has been set for February 2nd. We are very excited to be moving forward in this process. We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we prepare for this meeting and through every step in our adoption journey. I look forward to the day that I can post that we are officially waiting.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that now that I’m out of school and B’s classes are starting to pick back up, you will be seeing more and more posts from me.



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One thought on “Update and Good News

  1. grandma - GiGi says:

    I’m so excited can’t wait to hear we have another little one in our family!!!!!!!! Love you all and praying all goes well.

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