Home Study

We had our first home study visit today! Our case worker and her intern arrived this afternoon and we started off by introducing everyone and giving them a house tour. Through discussions with other adoptive families, we’d heard that the home study is really not a big deal; that we could expect for them to chat with us a bit to make sure we’re not weirdos, make sure we’ve got childproofing equipment, check our smoke detectors, see that our firearms are properly secured, and confirm that we have fire extinguishers. That was very true for our visit today. However, it was more enjoyable than I had expected. Our case workers are very friendly and they loved EJ. After the tour, we spent time lounging in the living room while they interviewed us (our family and our housemates) about our neighborhood, household dynamic, parenting practices and philosophy, church, community, work, aspirations, and plans. As she is shy, EJ took a while to warm up to them, but by the end of the visit she was a ham!

Next steps:

We have two more meetings with our case worker, and then we’ll create our family profile. After that – we wait!




One thought on “Home Study

  1. Jean Sevon says:

    I’ll be following your blog, and praying for you!
    Jean Sevon

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