God Are You Speaking to Me?

We originally heard God tell us to start the adoption process in October of 2011. October 30th I think it was. We immediately got to work researching and calling family to let them know it was happening. Within a week we had (from 1 phone call) $7500 toward our adoption. We didn’t know it at the time, but that would be half of our total fees to our agency. There would be other confirmations about the path of adoption for our family.

Lately in this period of waiting I’ve (Kim) been struggling with, “Ok God, we are fully funded — now what?” and “Is this really from you? We have been faithful; now what do I do while I wait?”  A couple of months ago I got a check and a card out of the blue from a couple at church for $250 toward our adoption. Now that we have bought and moved into our new house, we have to complete a  home study update. The cost? $250!!!! That’s God speaking to us, telling us that He still has us and we are still on the right path.

Just this morning I was talking to a friend about how I could use another one of those confirmations because the wait was getting hard again.   This afternoon I had another one of those moments. My God is so good to me.

A little back story: We have decided that if we adopt a baby girl she will be named Evangeline. We decided this months and months ago. For a while now, that has been the name that comes to mind when I think about our adoption. I speculated that our child would be Evangeline, though I’m not 100% sure that I’ve ever distinctively heard that from God. EJ also tells us she wants a baby sister.

I have just started a ladies’ bible study with some women from my small group at church. I’ve been hopeful to hear from God through this study but never imagined I’d hear so clearly so quickly from Him. I was working on my first day of “homework” for the study this afternoon and about halfway down the third page the author mentions a co-worker named Evangeline. Be still my soul: I’ve never seen it written before! I said silently, “Is that you God? Are you telling me something? Is our child Evangeline?” No kidding, the very next sentence is about the author’s other co-worker. Any guesses what her name is? ….. Kimberly.

That’s me, that’s my name! I started crying and praying right then. Thank-you God for speaking to me in such a clear way. Now I struggle what to do with this. After talking with Bucky and praying about it, we have decided to claim it fully. We will have an Evageline.

Will you pray with us for Evangeline? We don’t know how she will come — or when or from where — but we believe God is going to bring Evangeline into our family. Pray for her by name, pray for all the pieces to come into place, pray for us in the silence of waiting.