Welcome Evangeline!

We have a confession: we’ve been keeping a secret for a month.


Welcome Ella Jane’s baby sister, Evangeline Elizabeth-Ann Elliott!

She was born Elizabeth Ann [surname withheld] in Texarkana, TX on February 19 at 12:46pm, 7lbs & 3oz, 20.5″.
After a series of roller-coaster days, Evie finally joined our family!

EJ feeding Evie

We are overjoyed, yet we are simultaneously heartbroken for her birth mother, a very brave young lady who loves her so much that she chose life and adoption for her. God blessed us to be able to minister to her in a way far beyond what we expected. We are awestruck by His sovereignty and goodness.
Thank you for all the prayers! We’ve felt them and they are effective. Please continue to pray for mercy and peace for the birthmom’s heart. We love and respect her a lot.

After that first week, the paperwork process did not go smoothly (to put it simply), so it took a long time for us to be cleared  to come home from Arkansas. But we’ve seen God’s plan and provision in keeping us here and with the folks He’s connected in our lives. We will detail more of that later, but for now the big news is that

EJs new view



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7 thoughts on “Welcome Evangeline!

  1. Nancy Sears says:

    Praise God for his faithfulness. So excited you are bringing little Evie home.

  2. Jana Grimm says:

    What an answer to prayer!!! My heart is full for you guys and I’m praying now for the birth mom. I can’t imagine what reality has been like for all of you. God bless everyone involved 🙂

  3. martyduren says:

    Awesome. Congrats!

  4. grandma - GiGi says:

    I want to thank you for driving to Gayla’s to see me, you don’t know how much it meant to me!!!! Love you all so much
    We have the most beautiful little girls

  5. susiegrammy says:

    So often, when God calls us to do something, we have no idea how it will go down if we say “yes”. You heard Him and followed. It has been long and hard and emotionally difficult. And He has been faithful to give you all that was needed to accomplish the call. Just think of the strength He has given, the provisions provided through His people and now the joy being entrusted with Evie. You will be an awesome family for Eve. She too has been blessed.

    Daddy and I are so proud of you! We love our girls, Ella and Evie! Nobody loves being a Grammy more than me!!

    • Nancy Sears says:

      I have had my faith and strength in God grow as I have watched you though this difficult journey with such a joyful outcome. Susie we will have to tie for loving being a Grammy. Being a Grammy gives me the strength to take the next step and move forward. I love you all and know you will be an excellent family for little Evie.

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